Welcome to the Children's Healing Center

The Children’s Healing Center is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization.

Our mission is to foster social and emotional healing for immune compromised children through peer interaction in a safe, clean and imaginative environment.


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Through learning, physical activities and communication with peers the Children's Healing Center will:

  • Increase the patient's, sibling's and families' positive attitude and mentality throughout the illness
  • Decrease the patient's perception of how ill they feel
  • Decrease the time in which it takes the patients to feel better. Help them return to "normal" faster
  • Increase the comfort level of parents regarding their children's illness by watching them in a typical youth environment

Medical staff assures it is safe for children to come to the center

"The Children's Healing Center is dedicated to providing a safe, clean environment for immunocompromised children to gather together and play. Just as the building design includes important safety features such as Hepa air filtration and microbial resistant surfaces, the staff are extremely committed to protecting this vulnerable population of children with measures including stringent hand hygiene procedures and infection screening policies. Because infection prevention is top priority at the CHC, kids can focus on having fun in a protected setting, while parents can have peace of mind."
-Dr. Beth Kurt MD, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Parents express they are comfortable bringing their children

"The Children's Healing Center has taken great strides to ensure the health and safety of the patients entrusted to them. As a parent of an immune compromised child, I know the risks of exposing these children to even the smallest case of sniffles and am confident that other parents feel the same way. We would respect and honor the "code of health" we families live under during treatment by not bringing in a child or family member that is not 100% healthy. The Children's Healing Center is a safe place for our children." -Melissa Block, mother of Claire Block, Neuroblastoma

Our survey validates the need for the Children's Healing Center

In a survey we conducted of patients or parents of children with cancer, on a scale of 1 to 10, 95% of people agreed a facility that promoted social interaction with other children/adolescents battling similar illnesses would be beneficial.